I have always been interested in photography, but it was not until I joined the Art and Design School in Tarragona (Spain), that it became my true passion. This love for photography grew stronger when I moved to Barcelona with the architectural designs, the people and its culture. It reflected the beauty and passion of this form of ART.

I combined my studies with my work as a freelancer, until today. I currently reside in Melbourne (Australia) where I find inspiration in distant new horizons.
Through photography I reflect my personal way of seeing the world around me. The photography is the natural way to convey my thoughts, ideas and feelings. Photography allows me to admire simplicity and the natural beauty of the world. Over the years, my passion developed into a conceptual vision of reality.

As a viewer, my intention is for you to have the ability to contemplate these solely unforgettable moments. Photography has the power and ability to capture unique moments in time.

Please, let me invite you to visit my gallery and feel free to contact me for any possible collaborations, bookings and inquiries.

I hope you like it.

"The photography is not an accident, it is a concept"
Ansel Adams

Email: irenecabrephotographer@gmail.com
Mobile: 0421819506